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Hydrophobic Technology in Pediatric Wound Care: Safety and Efficacy at Its Best

Hydrophobic Technology in Pediatric Wound Care: Safety and Efficacy at Its Best

This webinar will review the process of wound healing, with an emphasis on the uniqueness of neonatal skin and challenges in choosing safe pediatric wound care products.

Limitations of topical antimicrobial dressings in pediatrics will be discussed, as well as antimicrobial resistance threat and its influence on cutaneous care.

Viewers will be introduced to hydrophobic antimicrobial technology and its clinical applications in the pediatric population via case review. 

Dr. Vita Boyar

Dr. Vita Boyar, an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Zucker School of Medicine, at Hofstra Northwell, is a Neonatologist and a Certified Wound Specialist Physician, practicing both neonatology and wound care at Cohen Children’s Medical Center of NY, where she developed and directs Northwell Neonatal Wound Service.

Dr. Boyar is a Board Member of the International Society of Pediatric Wound Care and a member of Society for Pediatric Research. Her research interests include antimicrobial products in the neonatal population, skin maturation, point-of-care ultrasound in wound care, as well as safe neonatal skin care. 

Dr. Boyar is a creator and author of a monthly pediatric column at the Wound Management and Prevention Journal, “Children with wounds, asking the right questions”.


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