Meet the Authors

My Scope of Practice: Soaking It All In at SAWC

Julie Gibbons, RN, MSN, MPH, discusses what her undergraduate nursing students learned about wound care research at SAWC Spring 2018 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

My Scope of Practice: Monique, Abner, MD, CWSP

Monique, Abner, MD, CWSP, turned 17 years of education and a wealth of experience into an ingenious approach to wound management: the Wheel of Healing. In this video, she discusses her training, career, and the important influences on her valuable contributions to her field.

Meet Laura Bolton, PhD

Laura Bolton, PhD, was part of a team of authors who described development of new wound infection guidelines in their... Read More

Assessment of the Biomechanical Effects of Prophylactic Sacral Dressings on Tissue Loads: A Computational Modeling Analysis
Managing Cutaneous Tuberculosis: A Case Report

Bettina M. Brown-Gallardo, MPT, CWS presents her article Managing Cutaneous Tuberculosis: A Case Report.

The Effect of a Patient Education Intervention on Knowledge and Venous Ulcer Recurrence: Results of a Prospective Intervention and Retrospective Analysis
Meet the Author: Karen L. Bauer, BA, RN, NP-C, CWS, CHRN

Author Karen Bauer, NPC, CWS, CHRN, and colleagues provide insights into the state of pressure ulcers in the United States from 2008–2012. Her retrospective stu... Read More