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March 2018 ISSN 1943-2720 | Volume 64 - Issue 3

A Scoping Review of the Use of Silver-impregnated Dressings for the Treatment of Chronic Wounds


Topical silver agents and dressings are used to control infection and promote healing in chronic wounds, but reviews published from 2006 to 2011 found heterogeneous results regarding their effectiveness. A scoping review was conducted to examine the extent, range, and nature of research activity surrounding chronic wound care that employed silver-impregnated dressings; identify research gaps in the existing literature; and summarize the evidence to provide recommendations for future clinical studies....

A Quasi-experimental Study to Explore the Effect of Barrier Cream on the Peristomal Skin of Patients With a Tracheostomy


Peristomal skin problems represent one of the most common complications of a tracheostomy. A quasi-experimental study was conducted among patients ages 18 to 65 years hospitalized in a Turkish university hospital ear-nose-throat clinic between August 15, 2013, and December 15, 2013, to compare the effect of using or not using a barrier cream on the peristomal skin with regard to pH, moisture, temperature, color, odor, turgor, infections, and lesions after tracheostomy surgery....

A Descriptive, Retrospective Study of Using an Oblique Downward-design Gluteus Maximus Myocutaneous Flap for Reconstruction of Ischial Pressure Ulcers


Despite advances in reconstruction techniques, ischial pressure ulcers continue to present a challenge for the plastic surgeon. The purpose of this retrospective study was to evaluate outcomes of using an oblique downward gluteus maximus myocutaneous (GMM) flap for coverage of grade IV ischial ulcers....

Special to OWM: SAWC Spring 2018 winning abstracts

Make sure you leave room in your SAWC/WHS schedule to attend the oral abstract sessions and to visit the Poster Exhibit....

Guest Editorial: Enhanced Resources Help Answer the Question, Why Wound Care?

All of us have decisive (aka, “Ah ha!”) moments that lead to choosing a career focus....

Letter to the Editor: The issue of retracted research

I am writing to highlight a potential issue with the article Beitz JM, Bolton LL....

Fresh Views on Silver: A Scientist’s Perspective on Ag7NO11

Luna, argentum, silver (Ag). As a metal of antiquity, the initial discovery of Ag is lost to history, but in the 21st century, its uses continue to evolve....

SAWC Exhibitor Preview

As the leading multidisciplinary conference on wound care and healing, the Symposium on Advanced Wound Care (SAWC) delivers quality, evidence-based wound management and prevention education for the...