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February 2016 ISSN 1943-2720 | Volume 62 - Issue 2

A Prospective, Descriptive Study to Determine the Rate and Characteristics of and Risk Factors for the Development of Medical Device-related Pressure Ulcers in Intensive Care Units


Pressure ulcers do not develop only in areas with bony prominences; they can develop in any tissue under pressure, including pressure exerted by medical devices. A prospective, descriptive study was conducted from December 15, 2013 to March 25, 2014 to determine the prevalence, risk factors, and characteristics of medical device-related hospital-acquired pressure ulcers (MDR HAPUs) among all patients  (N = 175) in 5 adult intensive care units (ICUs) in a university hospital in Turkey....

Critical Evaluation of the Jackson/Cubbin Pressure Ulcer Risk Scale — A Secondary Analysis of a Retrospective Cohort Study Population of Intensive Care Patients


Although the Jackson/Cubbin pressure ulcer (PU) risk scale performs best among risk scales used in intensive care units (ICUs), its performance was not fully satisfactory. In 2010, a minimally modified Jackson/Cubbin (mJ/C) PU risk scale was introduced to formalize PU risk assessment in a large medical-surgical ICU in Finland. The purpose of this secondary analysis was to examine whether individual categories of the mJ/C scale have similar weight and whether the scores within each category (from 1 to 4; 1 equaling highest risk and 4 equaling lowest risk) are linear, as is assumed for the original and  modified scales....

Turkish Nurses’ Opinions of the Braden and Waterlow Pressure Ulcer Risk Assessment Scales: A Descriptive Pilot Study


Risk evaluation scales are used as part of prevention strategies for pressure ulcers (PUs). Two of the more used scales, the Braden and Waterlow Pressure Ulcer Risk Assessment Scales (B-PURAS and W-PURAS, respectively) are used in Turkey and worldwide, and their validity in terms of sensitivity, specificity, and predictive validity have been examined in various studies. To determine nurses’ opinions of B-PURAS and W-PURAS in terms of administration time, practicality, clarity, and perceived ability to encompass PU risks and accurately predict PUs, a descriptive study was conducted from October 15, 2011 to November 20, 2011 at a university hospital among nurses who volunteered to participate....

From the Editor: Sometimes We Might Need to Step Off the Scale(s)

The February issue of Ostomy Wound Management traditionally addresses the pressure ulcer, one of the most challenging of medical events....

My Scope of Practice: Managing Costs and Wound Care in Brazil

Obviously, the highest type of efficiency is that which can utilize existing material to the best advantage. —Jawaharlal Nehru, first Prime Minister of India



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