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January 2015 ISSN 1943-2720 | Volume 61 - Issue 1

A Prospective, Randomized, Controlled Study of a Suspension Positioning System Used With Elderly Bedridden Patients with Neurogenic Fecal Incontinence


  Elderly patients with acute neurological impairment are prone to severe disability, fecal incontinence (FI), and resultant complications. A suspension positioning system (SPS), based on the orthopedic suspension traction system commonly used for conservative treatment of pediatric femoral fracture and uncomplicated adult pelvic fracture, was developed to facilitate FI management in patients immobilized secondary to an acute neurological condition....

Clinician Challenges in Providing Health Care for a Morbidly Obese Family Member: A Bariatric Case Study


  Morbid obesity is a chronic disease affecting millions of Americans. The disorder is likely to increase in prevalence because currently one third of the American population is obese....

Guest Editorial: Innovative Methods to Better Manage the Clinical, Cost, and Humanistic Aspects of Bariatric Care

  According to the World Health Organization,1 obesity is a disease and is defined as a condition of excess body fat to the extent that health is impaired....

A Prospective, Randomized, Controlled Trial Comparing the Effects of Noncontact, Low-frequency Ultrasound to Standard Care in Healing Venous Leg Ulcers


  Current scientific evidence suggests venous leg ulcers (VLUs) that do not respond to guideline-defined care may have a wound microenvironment that is out of physiological balance. A prospective, randomized, controlled, multicenter trial was conducted to compare percent wound size reduction, proportions healed, pain, and quality-of-life (QOL) outcomes in patients randomized to standard care (SC) alone or SC and 40 kHz noncontact, low-frequency ultrasound (NLFU) treatments 3 times per week for 4 weeks....

My Scope of Practice: Change for the Faint-hearted

  “I have learned over the years that when one’s mind is made up, this diminishes fear; knowing what must be done does away with fear.” — Rosa Parks

  When she started her career in health care as a physical therapy tech, Hollie Smith Mangrum, PT, DPT, CWS, fainted any time a patient with a wound was seen in the clinic....

AAWC Update

Best Wishes for a Happy New Year!

  In 2015, the Association for the Advancement of Wound Care (AAWC) is celebrating its 20th Anniversary....

SAWC Spotlight: The Interdisciplinary Aspects of Wound Care

  A small but increasingly important niche, wound care traverses every discipline, setting, age group, and field in the health care universe....