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July 2013 | Volume 59 - Issue 7

The Correlation Between Ostomy Knowledge and Self-Care Ability with Psychosocial Adjustment in Chinese Patients with a Permanent Colostomy: A Descriptive Study


  A colostomy can have a negative impact on patient quality of life. Research suggests that psychosocial adaptation is positively associated with quality of life, but few reports address this adaptation and its related factors in patients with a permanent colostomy....

Editor’s Opinion: Nurturing Question-driven Healthcare Solutions

“You can tell whether a man is clever by his answers. You can tell whether a man is wise by his questions.” – Naguib Mahfouz (Nobel Prize winner)

  Often, it is assumed that technological advances are the main reason for global increases in life expectancy, and we frequently look to technology when considering how to best manage patient care. Similarly, when considering the future of healthcare, we think new medications, diagnostic tools, surgical interventions, and high-tech innovations....

Letter to the Editor: Preventing Deep Tissue Injury From Extended Procedures

  The authors would like to highlight a specialized pressure-reducing plan that evolved from the case presented in their article Miller S, Parker M, Blasiole K, Beinlich N, Fulton J. A prospective, in vivo evaluation of two pressure-redistribution surfaces in healthy volunteers using pressure mapping as a quality control instrument. Ostomy Wound Manage. 2013;59(2):44–48. This case report highlighted the management of deep tissue injury (DTI)....

Continence Coach: Wellness with Masculinity: Closing the Gap

  Historically, the female in the household assumes chief responsibility for the wellness of each family member — identifying and assessing symptoms, researching suspected ailments or illnesses. In years past, she used reference books in the library and consulted friends. Today, she searches websites, conferring with “friends” in online forums and chat rooms, finding the right expert practitioner, and making the appointment....

My Scope of Practice: The Intrigue of Outside Healing

“An education isn’t how much you have committed to memory, or even how much you know. It’s being able to differentiate between what you know and what you don’t.” –Anatole France, French writer

  When Rhonda Sullivan, PhD, RN, CWON, LNCC, started the iWOC Nursing Foundation in 2012, her intent was to give patients and healthcare providers free access to wound, ostomy, continence expertise....

Special to OWM: Technology Precipitates Terminology Change for Skin Substitutes

  The Alliance of Wound Care Stakeholders, a multidisciplinary trade association of physician, clinical, and patient organizations, voted to replace the term skin substitutes with cellular and/or tissue-based products for wounds. The culmination of a yearlong effort, the choice of wording was determined to encompass present and future technology....

AAWC Update

AAWC Speakers Bureau

  Would you like to speak at conferences, regional meetings, or other engagements? The AAWC Speakers Bureau program is now fully implemented. Don’t miss your opportunity to be considered by those seeking knowledgeable speakers like you. This program provides a means to promote a speaker’s availability for discussions and presentations on the subject of quality wound prevention and care. If accepted, your professional information will be listed on the AAWC Speakers Bureau page on the AAWC Website, www.aawconline.org. This is a great opportunity to get your name out there....

A Prospective, Descriptive Study of Risk Factors Related to Pressure Ulcer Development Among Patients in Intensive Care Units


  Many risk factors for the development of pressure ulcers (PUs) in the general hospital population have been identified, but consensus is lacking on specific PU risk factors for critical care patients. A prospective, descriptive study was conducted to determine the incidence of and risk factors for PU development among high-risk patients (Braden risk scale score <12) admitted to an intensive care unit (ICU) of a university hospital in Turkey....

A Cross-sectional Study of Chronic Wound-related Pain and Itching


  Persons with chronic wounds may experience wound-related itch (pruritus) and pain. A cross-sectional study was conducted to examine the occurrence of itch and pain in chronic wounds and the relationship of the intensity between these factors. Patients in an outpatient wound care center, 18 years and older with an open wound, were recruited consecutively over a 5-month period....

Real-World Applications: Innovations That Work!

  For our annual “innovations” issue, Ostomy Wound Management asked Editorial Board members to describe the products they found the most innovative and useful. Their responses follow. The testimonials are listed alphabetically by product. For 24/7 access to comprehensive listings and information on wound, ostomy, and continence products and services, we encourage readers to consult the Wounds 360 Buyers Guide, available at www.wounds360bg.com. We welcome your comments and feedback on the Board member selections included herein, and we invite you to add your own success stories to the Buyers Guide website. ...