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May 2013 | Volume 59 - Issue 5

A Cross-sectional, Comparative Study of Pain and Activity in Persons With and Without Injection-Related Venous Ulcers


  Persons with leg ulcers, including venous ulcers, often report pain. A cross-sectional, comparative study was conducted among 61 patients receiving care in an urban clinic (31 with and 30 without a venous ulcer, mean age 54 years [range 40 to 65 years], 93% African American) to examine pain and its relation to activity and walking in persons with injection-related venous ulcers....

Ramadan Fasting in Patients with a Stoma: A Prospective Study of Quality of Life and Nutritional Status


  Ramadan fasting is an Islamic obligation for healthy Muslims after the age of puberty. Persons with an acute or chronic disease may be excused from this obligation; the degree of the disease is an important parameter for not fasting. Little is known about the effect of fasting on persons with a stoma. A prospective study was conducted among 56 patients with a cancer-related fecal stoma (33 [58.9%] male, mean age 55.9 ± 13.1 years) over two periods of Ramadan to analyze the effect of fasting 15 to 16 hours on nutritional and metabolic status and quality of life....

The Effect of a Cellulose Dressing and Topical Vancomycin on Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Gram-positive Organisms in Chronic Wounds: A Case Series


  High levels of persistent bacteria may contribute to wound chronicity and delayed healing. A prospective study was conducted to: 1) evaluate the effect of applying vancomycin topically on appropriately cultured chronic lower leg wounds, specifically methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Gram-positive bacteria, and 2) evaluate its effect in combination with a cellulose dressing on healing....

Editor’s Opinion: Giving Sizeable Coverage to Billing Issues

  Not unlike scientific research, investigative journalism takes time, perseverance, and pursuit of the evidence. While pressure to follow a 24-hour news cycle and the number of ways to access that information has grown, the size of the medium we use to read about it — and our time to do so — has shrunken, literally, to pocket-size. Emphasis on the short story that fits on a small screen has increased, leaving readers with the mistaken impression they know the whole story....

Special to OWM: The Seed Remains: A Tribute to Linda King Aukett (1943–2013)

Oh heart, if one should say to you that the soul perishes like the body, answer that the flower withers, but the seed remains. — Kahlil Gibran

  Linda and Ken. The Auketts. The global champions for people living with an ostomy. Tireless crusaders on nearly every continent on the planet. Ken and Linda. The heart and soul of the United Ostomy Association (UOA), International Ostomy Association (IOA), and United Ostomy Association of America (UOAA). The intrepid duo has been tragically reduced by one. Linda, Ken’s beautiful, statuesque, raven-haired love, has been taken too quickly from us all. Her flower has withered, but the seeds she planted will take root and blossom once again. ...

Continence Coach: Pelvic Floor Pain Syndrome in Chronic Pelvic Pain Revisited: A Case Study

  In the February 2013 “Continence Coach,” Nancy Muller discussed pelvic floor pain syndrome in chronic pelvic pain (CPP).1 Pelvic muscle pain has several aliases and implies a pain source from the myofascial structures of the pelvis that sometimes goes undiagnosed. It can exist alone with no concomitant medical pathology or as either a precursor or sequela to urological, gynecological, and colorectal medical conditions or other musculo-skeletal-neural issues.2...

My Scope of Practice: Evolution of an Ostomy Clinic

This month, Ostomy Wound Management highlights the scope of practice of an ostomy clinic and the individuals dedicated to providing quality care to a previously underserved community.

 Patients must have access to an ostomy nurse specialist when facing a fecal or urinary diversion. Preoperative visits for educational and stoma site marking, postsurgical visits for follow-up maintenance, and ongoing need to address pouching concerns are essential for a patient’s successful adaptation to life with a hole in his/her abdomen. A 2007 proposal to the Duke Raleigh Hospital (Raleigh, NC) Nurse Executive Board and Finance Committee resulted in development of a clinic that continues to grow and enhance the care of persons with ostomies in Raleigh/Durham and the surrounding communities. ...

AAWC Update

2013 AAWC Board of Directors election results

  The AAWC thanks members of its Board of Directors and congratulates those newly elected or re-elected. These newly elected board members will serve a 2-year term from 2013–2015. All board members attended the Annual Board Meeting on May 1 and officially took office on May 3 at the Annual AAWC Membership Meeting held during SAWC Spring in Denver, CO. ...

New Products and Industry News

Five products introduced in Singapore and Malaysia

  Oculus Innovative Sciences, Inc’s (Petaluma, CA) partner, Dyamed Biotech Pte. Ltd, is initiating rollout of five new Microcyn® Technology-based products in Singapore and Malaysia, both in the hospital and consumer markets. The five products, which include Dermacyn™ BabyGuard, Dermacyn DermaGuard, Dermacyn SkinGuard Solution, Dermacyn SkinGuard Hydrogel, and Dermacyn Wound Care Hydrogel, will be rolled out sequentially with all products commercialized by year’s end.

  For more information, visit www.oculusis.com. ...