Industry Spotlight: Mark R. Lacerte, President & CEO, HARTMANN USA

Please provide a short description of your background, training, and experience.
I hold a BS in business administration and an MBA in marketing, and I have been in the medical industry for more than 18 years. My career started in the factory automation semiconductor industry, on the operations side of the business, where I focused on manufacturing, supply chain, and logistics. I’ve also spent a considerable amount of time with mergers and acquisitions; turnarounds and expansions; startups and large established companies like GE Healthcare, Smith & Nephew, and Datex-Ohmeda — all of which prepared me for numerous leadership roles across many facets of business.
My introduction to wound care came through a marketing opportunity with Smith & Nephew, where I concentrated on advanced wound care and negative pressure wound therapy. It was in this role I learned the impact wound care had on both the health care system and patient lives. I joined the HARTMANN team as President and Managing Director in 2015.
What should readers know about HARTMANN?
HARTMANN is a leading provider of high-performance product solutions in the areas of wound care, compression therapy, incontinence management, and sports medicine. HARTMANN is part of the HARTMANN GROUP, an international health care company with a 200-year legacy in wound healing. Working with health care professionals across the continuum of care, HARTMANN develops innovative product solutions designed to promote faster healing, increase operational efficiencies, and improve quality of life for patients.
HARTMANN has been at the forefront of the latest advances in wound care and skin health. This year, the company expanded its wound care portfolio with the launch of Proximel™, a gentle, 5-layer, silicone-bordered foam dressing designed to promote a moist healing environment, enhance patient comfort, and reduce the risk of pressure ulcers. Proximel™ offers clinicians a new range of silicone-bordered foam dressings to assist with the treatment of pressure ulcers, venous leg ulcers, and chronic wounds. Complementing
HARTMANN’s strong wound care portfolio, Proximel™ reflects our continued commitment to keeping the patient at the center of our business.
Additionally, HARTMANN recently launched 2 new compression products: Co-Lastic® Sterile, a skin-friendly cohesive bandage that can be used in a variety of clinical settings, including the sterile field; and TwoPress® 2, a newly enhanced, 2-layer compression bandaging system for the prevention and treatment of venous leg ulcers.  
HARTMANN continues to play a role in the development of new strategies for combating incontinence-associated skin damage (IASD), a debilitating and costly condition that affects thousands of nursing home residents each day. In June 2016, HARTMANN announced the results of a study led by incontinence researcher and University of Minnesota School of Nursing Professor Donna Bliss, PhD, RN, FAAN. The study found HARTMANN absorbent products with proprietary “Curly Fiber” can significantly reduce the risks for IASD.
What is the biggest challenge you face working in the realm of wound care?
Some of the challenges we are seeing in today’s health care environment are financial pressures due to declining reimbursement, shortages of health care professionals, the complexity of wounds, and the impact of an aging population. These dynamics are pushing the industry to evolve, and subsequently, clinicians are being asked to provide better care at lower costs. From a health care solutions provider standpoint, managing the patient through the continuum of care while ensuring the availability of high quality products and services mandates an intricate balance. Our country’s aging population present challenges with chronic conditions that compromise overall patient health, comfort, and quality of life. Venous insufficiencies, diabetes, lymphedema, and adult incontinence all lead to a variety of complications that have an impact on our health care system and the cost associated with maintaining high quality, affordable care. HARTMANN’s long legacy of providing innovation in health care positions us to help clinicians and caregivers provide patients what they need.
Why did you choose to lead this company? 
I chose HARTMANN because of its rich history of medical advancements spanning more than 200 years. As one of the world’s leading providers for wound care and incontinence products, HARTMANN’s well-established reputation is something I look forward to leveraging as we expand in the United States. Our solid product portfolio puts us in a great position to quickly adapt and evolve with the ever-changing health care market.
All HARTMANN products reflect a common commitment to ensuring optimal performance, cost efficiency, and patient comfort. Personally, I’m excited to lead the HARTMANN USA team into our next chapter of growth as we go further for health.
What do you like most about working at HARTMANN?
I like working at HARTMANN because of its focus and commitment to improving health care systems and the opportunity it provides the HARTMANN team and me to have a positive impact on the patient and the caregivers who provide for them. We thrive on generating and implementing ideas that will improve customer efficiencies and quality of life for millions of people. We also have a great group of people with a genuine passion for what we do. They have an understanding of what it takes to affect change and make a difference in patients’ lives. Everything we do connects to the patient, and we take that responsibility very seriously. We also understand it takes teamwork to bring about the kind of changes that can move health care forward, and we’re committed to building a culture that promotes collaboration, openness, and integrity — a best-in-class workplace that inspires confidence and encourages new ideas. 
What book is sitting on your coffee table?
The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. This is a short read that was recommended to me several years back. It focuses on 4 key principles which help provide focus and balance in one’s life.