The Ostomy Files: Ostomy Accessories

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Maggie Bork, RN, BSN, CWOCN

Ostomy Wound Management will publish The Ostomy Files on an occasional basis to provide information and options for clinicians caring for people with all types of ostomies.

  The DialogueStudy1 found that 61% of patients have a peristomal skin problem as assessed by their WOC nurse. The main cause is stoma effluent coming in contact with the peristomal skin. Body shape and skin type are as individual as personality—some people can establish a good seal between the skin and the barrier, but others may find it a challenge getting a tight seal to avoid leakage and may need a little extra help to make their ostomy appliance fit securely and to care for peristomal skin.

  Some challenges that result in the need to use accessories include:
    • The stoma is flush with the skin.
    • The stoma is retracted.
    • The skin around the stoma is not flat.
    • The skin around the stoma is red or irritated.
    • Creases in the skin do not allow the barrier to adhere tightly.
    • The abdomen around the stoma is very soft.
    • The patient experiences frequent leakage.

  Ostomy accessories are available for individuals seeking added security and protection. The decision to use an accessory product is a matter of personal preference. For people who have a skin issue, clinicians may recommend that patients use accessories for improved outcomes. Several options are available.

  Moldable ostomy rings. These devices can be used to fill in gaps or creases around the stoma to provide a seal. Rings can tighten the fit against the skin by helping to create a mild convex (curved) shape to enhance a flat barrier or by making a convex barrier more convex. They are easy to handle and remove, and they are alcohol-free so they will not sting. Most importantly, they provide added protection to the skin.
  Strip paste. Like the rings, strip paste is a good choice for filling uneven gaps or creases to help provide a better seal. This product is alcohol-free and will not irritate peristomal skin.
  Ostomy paste. This product is used around the stoma to fill uneven gaps or creases and provide a seal between the barrier and the skin. Only a small bead of ostomy paste is needed.
  Skin barrier. The skin barrier leaves a breathable, plastic coating on the skin. When used over ostomy powder, the sealant bonds with the powder to create a dry surface. This dry surface helps the barrier stick, even if the skin beneath the powder is moist and open. A skin barrier protects the skin from body waste and adhesives.
  Ostomy powder. Most often used on open or denuded skin, the powder provides an absorptive and protective layer, allowing the wet skin to dry before applying the baseplate.
  Ostomy adhesive remover. This product removes any remaining adhesive. It is available in a no-sting, quick-drying silicone formula.

  Ostomy accessories provide unique solutions for individual patients. For free samples or more information from Coloplast, please call (888) 726-7872.

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