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New Products and Industry News

Redesigned system maintains skin condition and reduces the risk of pressure ulcers

  ConvaTec (Princeton, NJ) announced its Flexi-Seal® Fecal Management System, a temporary containment device for immobilized and incontinent patients with liquid or semi-liquid stool, has been redesigned for easier use and storage.

  The system’s upgrades include a recyclable and re-closeable molded plastic packaging that is 25% smaller than the original package size, allowing for storage of collection bags and syringes; a new blue irrigation port that allows for immediate identification; a re-labeled syringe precisely marked to 45 mL that measures the exact amount of water or saline necessary; and a smaller pocket-size package insert. The upgraded product will be available to medical professionals at no increased cost.

  The management of fecal incontinence, a significant risk factor in the development of pressure ulcers and the transmission of nosocomial infections, is a priority in both acute and critical care hospital settings. Results based on a model incorporating retrospective data indicated that the odds of having a pressure ulcer were 22 times greater for hospitalized adult patients with fecal incontinence compared to continent patients.   Pressure ulcers were reported in approximately 10% to 18% of acute-care settings in the US and can increase both patient mortality rates and the cost of patient care. In October 2008, the US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) will institute reimbursement reforms for hospital-acquired pressure ulcers, prompting many US hospitals to implement pressure ulcer prevention guidelines and utilize systems and devices that prevent pressure ulcer development.

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New gelling foam dressings treat acute and chronic wounds

Convatec (Princeton, NJ) unveiled its Versiva® XC™ Gelling Foam Dressings with Hydrofiber® in both adhesive and non-adhesive formulations for treating acute and chronic wounds.

  Two recently published Phase II studies on leg and pressure ulcer management showed the dressings were effective in promoting wound healing by managing exudates, protecting the surrounding skin, and minimizing patient discomfort.

  Both the adhesive and nonadhesive versions of the product consist of a waterproof polyurethane foam/film layer that protects the wound from external contaminants while managing moisture vapor transmission; an absorptive fibrous layer that gels on contact with the wound bed to provide a moist healing environment; and a wound contact layer that consists of a hydrocolloid adhesive border which gels on contact with wound fluid to support moist wound healing.

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Digital wound imaging system assists physicians

  Briggs Medical Supply Company (Des Moines, IA) introduces Patient Photo Record System (PPRS), a system that combines Canon® imaging technology with the company’s Medirule® measurement overlay grids and other image documentation and storage products.

  The system’s features include an automatic digital wound measurement grid, the ability to electronically archive and transmit images to physicians, and a security system to further prevent the digital manipulation of images after the photograph is taken.

  Changing from a film-based system to the digital PPRS system is projected to save users more than $1,600 on an annual basis.

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Wound closure system utilized on battlefield

  A new medical device designed by Canica Design Inc., (Ontario, Canada) is being utilized on the front lines of Iraq. The ABRA® Surgical Skin Closure System is used to assist battle zone surgeons implement a new surgical regimen known as dynamic wound closure. The procedure uniformly applies continual tension across wounds for a few days to gradually and completely close them, ultimately eliminating the need for skin grafting.

  The product can be used on fasciotomies, skin lacerations, and large abdominal eviscerations. The system’s technology also is used to protect wounds from re-opening.

  An independent clinical study by US Army combat-support surgeons in Baghdad affirms that the device has saved the lives and limbs of numerous soldiers and civilians. The device also has helped minimize complications through faster healing.

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Medical technology company completes business acquisition

  Global medical technology company Kinetic Concepts Inc., (San Antonio, TX) completed its acquisition of LifeCell Corporation (Branchburg, NJ). LifeCell develops tissue-based products for use in reconstructive, orthopedic, and urogynecologic surgical procedures to repair soft tissue defects. The acquisition comes as a result of LifeCell merging with Leopard Acquisition Sub, Inc. (Wilson, WY), a wholly owned subsidiary of KCI. LifeCell is now a direct, wholly owned subsidiary of KCI.

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Antimicrobial wound technology receives honor

  Derma Sciences, Inc., (Princeton, NJ) received the Blue Ribbon Award for its barrier gauze line of dressings featuring NIMBUS® technology. The award was presented to the company at the recent Symposium on Advanced Wound Care and Wound Healing Society’s 21st Annual Meeting for the abstract entitled, “Absorbent Microbicidial Wound Dressing Material with Protease Inhibition Properties.” Quick-Med Technologies (Boca Raton, FL) and the University of Florida (Gainesville, FL) sponsored the abstract. The dressings use advanced microbicidial and protease inhibiting qualities and can be used on both acute and chronic wounds at risk of infection.

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Ostomy, skin, and wound care company sold

  Bristol-Myers Squibb Company (New York, New York) has signed a definitive agreement to sell its ConvaTec (Skillman, NJ) business unit to Nordic Capital Fund VII (Stockholm, Copenhagen and Helsinki, Denmark) and Avista Capital Partners (New York, New York and Houston, Tex) for $4.1 billion.

  The purchasers have entered into a fully committed loan agreement, which provides funding by the lenders with no material conditions other than the purchase agreement and customary conditions relating to the delivery of closing documents and financial information, in addition to conditions related to the status of the purchaser. The transaction is subject to customary regulatory approvals and delivery of the company’s audited 2007 financial statements. The closing of the transaction is scheduled for the third quarter of 2008.

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Medical device manufacturer selects distributor

  Trio Healthcare, Ltd., (North Yorkshire, UK), supplier of advanced silicone based medical devices for stoma care, incontinence care, and wound care applications, selected Turnkey Trading Solutions ([TTS] Marietta, GA) as their exclusive distributor for both US and Canadian markets.

  The new partnership will involve the company’s Silesse™ product, a hypoallergenic formulation that creates a barrier between the patient’s skin and the adhesive used to adhere stoma pouches, sheath catheters, and wound care dressings and tapes that protect the skin from exudates and adhesives.

  The agreement also involves the company’s Niltac™ product, a silicone-based technology that disables medical adhesives in dressings and tapes from the patient. The combined use of both products will result in an improved quality of life for patients who rely on medical adhesives that will not cause pain or trauma.

  TTS Medical’s targeted launch date is June 19, 2008 at the Denver EB Patient Care Conference where both companies will sponsor a poster presentation highlighting the clinical studies performed on both products.

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