My Scope of Practice: The Titles Tell It All

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Barbara Zeiger

Celebrating 15 years as a column, My Scope of Practice salutes practitioners in all settings and in all specialties connected to wound, ostomy, and continence care. Most of the clinicians we feature shrug off the honor of being singled out, saying “It’s all in a day’s work.” That may be so. But the titles of the articles through the years depict what it takes to succeed in this scope of practice. The following includes the article titles and their publication dates; all are available at:

Some of the personal characteristics our featured practitioners exhibit and nurture involve Cultivating Curiosity (July 2015), The Audacity of Determination (May 2010), The Face of Dedication (April 2009), The Art of Listening (December 2012), The Importance of Passion (October 2014), A Thirst for Knowledge (September 2015), keeping your Ears Wide Open (June 2013), A Mighty Heart (August 2010), and showing Patience and Compassion in Wound Care (May 2016). 

Success in practice was a factor of Building Bridges Among Disciplines (March 2004), Blending the New With the Old (February 2013), Nourishing Mind, Body, and Soul (September 2006), Teamwork in Wound Care (August 2015), providing Individualized Care (April 2004) and Good Counsel on Continence (December 2004), Taking the Fear Out of Research (January 2006), Building Relationships Across the Care Continuum (August 2016), Utilizing Technological and Human Resources (January 2014), Minding Your P’s (Protocol) and Q’s (Quality) (December 2001), Preparing Those Next at Bat (June 2003), Learning and Sharing Skin Safety Knowledge (February 2015), Keeping Wound Care Simple (October 2009), Keeping Care a Laughing Matter (June 2014), showing Kindness in Wound Care (October 2015), finding One Product Can Advance Your Practice (March 2009), Appreciating the Process of the Profession (June 2006), Getting Patients on Board With Care (July 2014), and Seeking the Best Evidence for Care (October 2014). 

Different specialties and their involvement in this sector include A Physical Therapist’s Role in Wound Care (November 2014); and Championing the Podiatrist’s Role in Wound Care (June 2004), including Salvaging Feet, Limbs,…and Hope (October 2006). We have experienced the evolution of multidisciplinary care to interdisciplinary care, underscoring the need not dismantle care silos and interact as one team on behalf of the patient, and in the process, developing a Village Mentality (December 2015).

Care can be provided in various settings, as evidenced by articles such as Aristotelian Logic in Home Care (January 2003), Making House Calls Wherever the Patient Calls Home (October 2004), and Evidence-based Practice in Long-Term Care (March 2003). We also respect the input from a variety of countries, as exemplified in Managing Costs and Wound Care in Brazil (February 2016).

The most touching revelations involve the lessons learned by the clinicians through their experiences: Patients are a Virtue (November 2006), the importance of Giving the Gift of Time (August 2007), accepting Change for the Faint-hearted (January 2015), Educating It Forward (January 2013), Being True to Her Interest (May 2014), Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff (June 2012), and Above All, Patients Come First (February 2003).

We applaud the clinicians interviewed for My Scope of Practice and look forward to many more years of featuring extraordinary practitioners and exceptional industry leaders and of creating titles that capture their enthusiasm, talents, and achievements. To suggest a clinician (including yourself), please contact the Editor:


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