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  For this year’s innovations issue, Ostomy Wound Management invited manufacturers to tout the products of which they are most proud. The descriptions are presented alphabetically by product. Also included is a product testimonial from an experienced clinician. For ready, convenient access to comprehensive listings and information on wound, ostomy, and continence products and services, we encourage you to visit the Wounds 360 Buyers Guide, available at Your comments and feedback are always welcome.

Product: Cutimed® Siltec®

Company: BSN Medical

  Cutimed® Siltec® super absorbent silicone foam dressing is taking exudate management to a higher level. Features include: smart pore structure that vertically lifts exudate away from the wound to reduce the risk of maceration to wound edges and periwound skin; super absorbent particles to lock exudate away from the wound for proven higher absorption and retention; highly breathable film that transpires enough fluid to keep the wound comfortable while maintaining a moist wound environment; and the silicone contact layer that ensures gentle adherence to periwound skin without any adhesion to the moist wound and allows highly viscose exudate to pass through for absorption within foam structure.

Product: DermaPure™

Company: Tissue Regenix Wound Care Inc

  DermaPure™, launched June 16, 2014, is a decellularized dermal allograft used as a covering for acute and chronic wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers, venous stasis ulcers, and other wounds that are refractory to traditional conservative care. DermaPure™ works by taking human donor skin and removing the nucleated cells and cellular debris using the patented dCELL® process, which does not employ harsh chemical fixatives and high-concentration detergents that can damage the matrix. The resulting product, DermaPure™, is a natural, biologically receptive scaffold that can be placed in the wound to aid healing by supporting cell migration to the wound area.

  A trial in the UK by National Health Service Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) with the University Hospital of South Manchester has shown excellent results for patients with treatment-resistant, recalcitrant leg ulcers who had chronic wounds with a mean surface area of 13.11cm2 for an average of 4.76 years. Among participants, 60% whose wounds were covered with a single application of DermaPure™ exhibited complete healing. DermaPure™ can be easily administered in hospital and/or community healthcare settings. DermaPure™ is hydrated and conveniently stored at room temperature, requiring no rehydration before use or expensive refrigeration.

Product: ENLUXTRA™

Company: OSNovative Systems Inc

  ENLUXTRA™ “Any Wound” is an award-winning dressing that exclusively represents a fundamentally new category of dynamic, multifunctional, self-adaptive wound care products. It is developed and manufactured by a Silicon Valley start-up company that relied on the most advanced self-adaptive wound care technology to produce a dressing material that adjusts its function based on the feedback it receives from the wound. Owing to its ability to adapt to current wound conditions, the dressing material can immediately address the changes in the wound state and create an optimal moist healing environment for every part of the wound simultaneously. As a result of this innovation, ENLUXTRA™ can be used for any wound at any stage of healing. It supports and enhances the body’s natural healing processes by protecting the wound for longer periods of time between dressing changes. Its absorption capacity is 50% higher than the leading brands, yet it does not cause desiccation. Instead, it absorbs and/or hydrates when and where needed, thus promoting cell proliferation and wound reepithelialization. ENLUXTRA™ provides excellent odor management, has mild pain-relieving properties, and maintains structural integrity upon removal. An all-in-one dressing, ENLUXTRA™ does not require any medication or additional products.   ENLUXTRA™ was recognized with the Frost and Sullivan 2014 New Product Innovation Leadership Award as “the best solution for standardizing wound care.”

Product: Grafix® (cryopreserved placental membrane)

Company: Osiris Therapeutics, Inc

  GRAFIX® (cryopreserved placental membrane) is a cryopreserved placental matrix that retains the extracellular matrix, growth factors, and endogenous neonatal mesenchymal stem cells, fibroblasts, and epithelial cells of the native tissue. The structure and the composition of the placental tissue are similar to skin. GRAFIX®, as a placental matrix, can support migration, proliferation, and differentiation of several types of cells in the patient known to be involved in the body’s natural tissue repair processes.

  GRAFIX® is designed for application directly to acute and chronic wounds, including but not limited to burns, diabetic foot ulcers, venous stasis ulcers, pressure ulcers, and surgical wound dehiscence. GRAFIX® serves as an optimal wound covering. It is flexible, conforms to complex anatomies, and is immune neutral.   GRAFIX® is regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration under 21 CFR 1271, Part 361, Human Cells, Tissues and Cellular and Tissue-Products (HCT/Ps). Osiris Therapeutics, Inc is registered with the FDA as a tissue establishment and accredited by the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB).

Product: Hydrofera Blue Ready™ foam

Company: Hollister Wound Care

  Launched February 17, 2014, Hydrofera Blue Ready™ antibacterial foam is ready to go when the healthcare provider needs a convenient, efficacious method for managing bioburden. Healthcare providers are searching for effective therapeutic options that simultaneously can drive down the overall cost of care. Hydrofera Blue foams are organic, noncytotoxic, and cost less than most silver foam dressings. Hydrofera Blue antibacterial dressings are based on a technology with roots in blood purification. The organic pigments, gentian violet and methylene blue (GV/MB), have been used safely in medicine for more than 50 years and have been proven effective against a variety of microorganisms often found in wounds, including methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus (VRE). Hydrofera Blue Ready™ foam combines the proven efficacy of GV/MB with soft, polyurethane foam. The product is soft out of the package and doesn’t require hydration. It has a thin film backing, eliminating the need for a cover dressing. With its 7-day wear time, it can be used as an adjunct therapy with compression wraps, total contact casting, and offloading devices that are standard of care when treating chronic wounds such as venous leg ulcers and diabetic foot ulcers.

Product: Opticell® Ag+

Company: Medline Industries, Inc 

  Opticell® Ag+ optimizes the wound healing environment. The intimate contact of Opticell® Ag+ dressings virtually eliminates dead space in the wound bed, while direct contact with silver ions helps manage bioburden. Advanced Chytoform gelling fiber technology delivers optimal, long-lasting moisture management. Opticell® Ag+ maintains a balance of strength and conformability that helps manage even the most challenging wounds effectively.

Product: SenSura® Mio

Company: Coloplast Corp

  The new SenSura® Mio is made for real people with real bodies. Launched May 1, 2014, the new SenSura® Mio is based on our human-centered approach to innovation and designed with individual bodies in mind. SenSura® Mio fits to individual body contours and maintains a secure seal over abdomens uneven from scarring, skin folds, hernias, and the like. The new product line helps people with an ostomy feel secure throughout their day. SenSura® Mio is very discreet. The soft, water-resistant textile material gives the pouch the feel of clothing. Its specially chosen neutral grey color is designed to stay unnoticed under all clothing colors.

  Based on BodyFit Technology®, SenSura® Mio incorporates a soft elastic hydrocolloid adhesive barrier. The new elastic barrier fits individual body shapes and follows contours when ostomates bend and stretch. A revolution in filter technology, SenSura® Mio has a new innovative full-circle filter to reduce ballooning for comfort. The new Click coupling is designed for ease of use, flexibility and enhanced security.

From personal experience:
  Linda Benson, PhD, RN, SRN (Ghana), CWCN, CWS, DAPWCA, writes, My husband is currently sporting two PolyMem Finger/Toe dressings (Ferris Mfg Corp, Fort Worth, TX). He broke his small toe and is wearing one dressing to decrease the inflammation, pain, and bruising. PolyMem subdues the nociceptor response, even through intact skin, making it an ideal choice for closed injuries as well as for wounds with an inflammatory component. Another PolyMem Finger/Toe dressing is promoting brisk granulation on his thumb. He has a wart that has been resistant to treatment for years. Recently, he decided to cut out what he could, then freeze the open area. This left a large deep wound. It is difficult to find a dressing that will stay in place on the thumb of an active man. Because PolyMem has a built-in wound cleansing system, it can keep the wound clean and warm without any intervention at all (not even rinsing), 24/7. PolyMem also maintains an ideal wound micro-environment, donating or absorbing moisture as needed. The thumb wound was almost closed after barely 2 days of treatment.

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