Over the past weeks and months, the team at HMP, hand-in-hand with our enthusiastic and dedicated faculty leaders, has been working not only to deliver more value in the existing brands that you know and rely upon for cutting-edge wound care research, news, and education, but also to launch new initiatives for ensuring access to clinically relevant and evidence-based education for the entire wound care community.

Existing brands. The 2018 Symposium on Advanced Wound Care (SAWC) Spring and Fall meetings both had record-breaking attendance and industry support. Next year at SAWC Spring in San Antonio, TX, and SAWC Fall in Las Vegas, NV, attendees can learn from the masters within the field and network with nearly 4000 multidisciplinary wound care clinicians.

The Wound Certification Prep Course (WCPC) and Wound Clinic Business (WCB) regional meetings were held in 20 cities across the United States. WCPC provides 2 days of specialized teaching for wound care clinicians seeking to become certified in order to expand their patient care capabilities and advance their careers. WCB attendees learn about the latest reimbursement and payment information from our coding experts to help them navigate the administrative challenges of the medical payor system. Watch for news of 2019 dates for these events.

Every month, OWM, WOUNDS, and Today’s Wound Clinic (TWC) provide their 50 000 wound care specialist readers the research-to-bedside information necessary for evidence-based care. In 2019, OWM will change its name to Wound Management & Prevention (WMP) to better reflect the published content for wound care nurses and interdisciplinary practitioners working in multiple care settings. WOUNDS continues to present cutting-edge articles on which wound care physicians and surgeons rely to stay current with the latest research and practice information. TWC remains the bible of wound clinics —  their numbers are growing as more wound care procedures move to the outpatient setting.

New brands. In 2019, HMP will launch the inaugural Post-Acute Care Symposium (PACS): Advancing Quality Outcomes Through Wound and Incontinence Education program. PACS will be of particular value to nurses working in acute long-term care, long-term care, home care, and hospice settings where 80% of wound care is practiced. Conveniently co-located with SAWC Spring in San Antonio, TX, PACS has enlisted as presenters and speakers a Who’s Who of wound and incontinence care clinical thought leaders with post-acute care expertise. To learn more about the program, visit www.pacsymposium.com.

The Why Wound Care? initiative will expand beyond nursing, medical students, and residents in 2019, offering the new Practicing Clinician (PC) website portal that will provide extensive educational resources for physicians, podiatrists, nurses, physical therapists, and allied professionals looking to become wound care-specialized practitioners. Visitors to the www.whywoundcare.com website also can access complimentary downloads of the new, Chronic Wound Care: The Essentials e-book, along with videos and PowerPoint modules with beginner to advanced levels of content.

And that’s not all. Although some plans are still under wraps, look for one final educational initiative that will change the field of wound care, to be announced in early 2019.

All of these efforts will move the wound care community forward and, above all, create a dynamic and unified voice to support our shared mission — improving patient care. HMP and the publishers, editors, and staff are incredibly excited about the new direction in which we are headed and can’t wait to share more with you in the coming weeks and months.

Great things are happening, with a bright future ahead for wound care. Be part of the exciting changes!