What do you say when the person you worked with for 20 years decides to retire? When Barbara Zeiger, Managing Editor of Wound Management & Prevention, said that to me back in January, my first response was, “Twenty years? Are you sure about that?”

Time really does fly when you are passionate about your work. Barbara wholeheartedly embraced the saying, “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.” Clearly this is a great perspective with which to approach any job, but in health care, the sciences, and scientific publications, it is the only way. Barbara not only understood the responsibilities of being the managing editor of an indexed medical journal, but she was acutely aware that a comma or period in the wrong place can have serious consequences when it comes to documents that guide patient care decisions. 

Barbara’s leadership helped the Journal grow in size and stature. Increasing citation indices, readership, manuscript submissions, editorial board members, and reader engagement all happened on her watch. And we have not even talked about the development and evolution of a robust website that continues to provide free access to all Journal content—an increasingly unusual characteristic for a peer-reviewed, indexed medical journal! Perhaps because she worked and talked with health care professionals all the time, I think Barbara became a health care professional by osmosis. This, in turn, drove her passion to share information that can improve patient care. Actually, I am not the only who thinks that. Many of our board members do, too! 

We have been blessed to have a champion for patients with an ostomy, incontinence, or wound and for all of us who are committed to providing the best care we can. Board members, authors, and I will miss her leadership, passion, attention to detail, and caring touches. On behalf of all us, thank you and Mazal Tov!

—Lia van Rijswijk, RN, DNP, CWCN, Clinical Editor


I have experienced a roller coaster of emotions over the past few months. In January the only editor I have ever known of this Journal informed me that she was looking to retire. I knew the day was coming eventually because we had discussed this in the past, but that’s not the same as it actually happening. We established a tentative March/April timeframe, which at that point seemed like a long time. The past few months have given me the opportunity to reflect on what a consummate professional Barb has been over the past 20 years.

Barb has provided leadership and guidance to many assistant editors who moved on to larger roles in our company and in others. Then there are the countless manuscripts she edited, going above and beyond for authors, reviewers, and readers. I always appreciated Barb’s resourcefulness, especially when she created a great column, starting with “Addressing the Pain,” for MÖlnlycke at a time when not many folks had ever heard of them. 

As our next chapter of this publication starts, it is satisfying to know that Barb will still be working with us on a freelance basis as we all work together to continue to publish important studies, research, and cases that will continue to provide optimal patient care. Barb, you will always have my thanks and appreciation.

—Jeremy Bowden, SVP Wound Care and Podiatry, HMP Global


I have some big shoes to fill. I come to this role with more than 20 years of experience in medical publishing, and am excited to be part of the HMP team. Starting a new job requires patience and attention. It’s like launching a canoe into a waterway you have never explored before. Starting a new job during a pandemic requires these qualities in greater measure because there is some fog on the waterway. I look forward to navigating this new adventure as the sun begins to peak through. ν

—Christiane Odyniec, Managing Editor


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