In March 2020, I went on a job interview using this new platform called Zoom. That was the first of several interviews, during which I virtually met many people. Most of them I could see, but one of them (who shall remain nameless) never could figure out how to get the video to work. I am happy to report that our Zoom skills have improved greatly since then. 

I began my role as managing editor on May 1. Since then, I have sent 6 issues of Wound Management & Prevention to the printer and attended 2 SAWC virtual events. I have learned a great deal and encountered many wonderful, knowledgeable people. Coworkers, authors, and reviewers have all been more than gracious and helpful during this time of transition.

Now I find myself looking to the new year. No one can see the future, but it is safe to say that more change is on the way in just about every aspect of our lives. WMP will strive to adapt and adjust, and also to improve and expand, in this setting of change. Building on the strengths of the Wound Care Learning Network, I am looking to communicate in different ways. Webinars, videos, and podcasts all come to mind. Do you have any thoughts about this? A digital project you would like to see come alive? I would love to hear about it (; 610.560.0500 × 4268). 

Strong, relevant content is, of course, the foundation for all future plans. To that end, I am currently seeking evidence-based articles that add value for clinicians. I am also seeking reviewers who could lend their experience and knowledge to help others write solid, complete, and useful content. My virtual door is always open.

When I began my career, I edited on paper and sized actual photographs with pica rulers and these funny little proportion wheels. Red pens and blue wax pencils were the tools of my trade. Now I have Word docs and JPGs. I transact business using Track Changes and PDFs. I still send the issue to the printer, but I upload it to the website, too. These changes have broadened and deepened the way I communicate. However, the mission to provide information that enables the best patient care possible remains the same.

I know that it is a bit corny, but the reason I chose medical publishing was because that was the field in which I could use my humble editing skills to somehow make the world a better place. With the click of a mouse, I can now help WMP authors to share their knowledge with the world. To impact care in countries they will never visit, for patients they will never meet. To help build a healthier, stronger world. Please join me on this journey in 2021, remembering that the only constant is change and that we must constantly embrace it. 

Wishing you all a bright and healthy new year!