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November, 2008 | Volume 54 - Issue 11

Minimizing Complications of Pain and Dressing Adherence in the Treatment of Venous Leg Ulcers

     Venous leg ulcers affect more than 600,000 people in the United States per year1 and make up nearly 80% of all leg ulcers. 2 Wounds caused by venous insufficiency tend to heal slowly and often recur. 3 In addition, venous leg ulcer pain is often a major concern for patients and poses a challenge for practitioners.4

     Venous leg ulcers can disrupt the patient’s normal life, disturbing sleep, restricting mobility, and creating stress as well as causing pain.5 Ryan et al4 studied the relationship between treatment processes and pain relief and individual interpretation of pain symptoms in patients with venous insufficiency ulcers. The researchers found a significant number of patients experience pain with venous leg ulcers, affecting their quality of life. This pain may be constant or intermittent and may be related to care procedures or dressing change....

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