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November, 2008 | Volume 54 - Issue 11


     I have been with the Association for the Advancement of Wound Care (AAWC) for about 10 years, so I hope you will oblige my getting personal.

     I have a question: As you take care of your patients and/or work for the betterment of the health of others, are you remembering to take care of you? I ask because recently certain events overwhelmed my daily routine. My stress levels were through the roof. I experienced denial, then fear. Finally, I accepted that no one but me could fix things — I needed to reevaluate what really matters. I had to consider work, personal life, community involvement, other commitments — the history of what has made me “me” — and ask myself why I was constantly running toward a finish line that doesn’t exist. I had too many balls in the air — from excessive worry about situations beyond my control to trying to be everything to everyone, becoming so progressively anxious I couldn’t keep up. I had no choice but to weed out the stressful, unnecessary burdens I kept handling at the expense of my health because you can’t get by for long if you neglect yourself....

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