Volume 54 - Issue 11 - November, 2008

New Products/Industry News

New device designed to minimize discomfort and pain following ostomy surgery

   ConvaTec (Skillman, NJ) recently launched SUR-FIT Natura® Low-Pressure Adaptor, a new postoperative ostomy device. The product offers clinicians and ostomy patients a simple and gentle solution to manage abdominal pain and tenderness that may last days and weeks following surgery, depending on the patient and the surgical procedure performed. Once tenderness subsides, the adaptor may be removed, creating a lower-profile (closer to the body) system composed of the skin barrier and pouch only.

   The new adaptor is a flexible ring that goes between the skin barrier and pouch to create added finger space, allowing the user to attach the pouch without contact with the abdomen — eg, fingers, not the abdomen, absorb the pressure required to snap the pouch to the barrier.

   For more information, visit www.convatec.com.