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October, 2009 | Volume 55 - Issue 10

Editor's Opinion: On Scientific Publishing: A Few Bad Apples Can Spoil the Bunch

     Descriptive publications in the medical literature, commonly in the form of case studies or case series, always have provided an important venue for clinicians to illustrate a problem, share novel observations and methods to solve clinical challenges, and/or demonstrate a need for research. In wound and ostomy care in particular, clinicians often rely on case studies to help them manage the unusual and the complex; many case study observations have provided an impetus for research. Case-in-point: this issue of OWM. Articles describe the care of a nonhealing wound following...

Pearls for Practice: Managing Wounds with Exposed Tendon

     Tendons are anatomical structures that connect bone to muscle. They are composed of parallel bundles of collagen fiber1 and often appear as striated white or creamy yellow structures in wound beds.      Tendons are nourished by blood vessels and by diffusion of nutrients from synovial fluid.2 Because nourishment is disrupted when the tendon is exposed, meticulous care must be provided to prevent both infection and desiccation, either of which can lead to loss of tendon viability.3 Tendons may be exposed in trauma wounds, su...

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