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August, 2009 | Volume 55 - Issue 8

Utilization of Bovine Acellular Dermal Matrix for Abdominal Wall Reconstruction: A Retrospective Case Series

Abstract: Abdominal wall reconstruction using nonabsorbable synthetic material can be challenging due to the risk for bacterial colonization and subsequent complications....

Healing the Wounds of American Healthcare: Investing in Our Future

Whatever change we pursue, we will need to work together to reform healthcare.
We beseech clinicians to be part of the healthcare change endeavor.
— Dr. Henry D’Silva1 (Ostomy Wound Management 2008)

     During the past 12 months, much more has been said than done about health insurance and healthcare reform. Hopefully, you have been part of the discussion. If not, it is not too late to give voice to your concerns. In August, members of Congress are back in their districts and away from the lobbyists in Washington — your opportunity to mak...

Treating Stage III Pressure Ulcers

     The most important approach in managing Stage III pressure ulcers is a complete assessment of total patient needs. Assessment usually includes wound type, location, measurement, and duration; nutrition; mobility; mental status; social and financial support; medications; oxygenation needs; pressure distribution; lab data; and comorbidities. Appropriate and effective dressing selection should take into account the amount and type of drainage, undermining, tunneling, type and amount of necrotic tissue, edema, signs and symptoms of bacterial burden, and pain.


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