New Products for August 2003

Abdominal therapy system launched

Kinetic Concepts Incorporated (KCI, Cincinnati, OH) recently introduced the V.A.C.® Abdominal Dressing System, a form of negative pressure wound therapy that can provide clinical and cost effective treatment for chronic and traumatic wounds in hospitals, extended care facilities, and at home. The new abdominal dressing system is used in conjunction with the V.A.C.® ATS System™ (Advanced Therapy System) for patients with open abdomens resulting from complex abdominal pathologies. Clinical and patient benefits of the dressing system may include assisting in managing the open abdomen, protecting the abdominal contents through its nonadherent layer, and helping to allow for delayed primary closure

The advanced therapy system™ is designed for the acute care setting and for heavily exudating wounds. It has touch-screen operation for ease of use and an on-screen help guide for users. It also features a larger volume capacity with a 500-cc canister and T.R.A.C.™ technology that provides pressure sensing at the wound site.

For more information, visit - OWM

New compression therapy option available

Smith + Nephew (Largo, Fla.) has introduced ProGuide*, a reduced multilayer, high compression bandaging system that can achieve the right level of compression to effectively and successfully manage venous leg ulcers.

The system comes in three sizes to accommodate different ankle circumferences and consists of an easy-to-apply, advanced, non-adherent wound contact layer, a super-absorbent padding layer, and a patented, outer compression layer incorporating "Vari-Stretch™" Technology.

For further information, call (800) 876-1261. - OWM

Healthcare personnel have new water-optional handwashing product

Healthpoint® Ltd. (Fort Worth, Tex.) introduced Triseptin®, the first water-optional healthcare personnel handwash and the first traditional alcohol-based product of its kind to meet the FDA's TFM in vivo testing requirements. The product contains a 61% ethyl alcohol active ingredient with a preservative in an emollient-rich formulation. It allows healthcare personnel the convenience of utilization with water to remove dirt, debris, and proteinaceous material, or waterless to quickly disinfect hands between patient contact.

The handwash is available in a 2-oz personal size and a 16-oz pump bottle.

For more information, visit - OWM

New salve helps prevent radiation side effects

Jeans Cream (Peabody, Mass.) is a new salve, created by a breast cancer patient, that is designed to help prevent the side effects of radiation therapy, including skin burns, flaking, tearing, and oozing. The cream is formulated with moisturizers including aloe vera gel and contains no alcohol or fragrances, is not greasy, will not stick to clothing, and readily absorbs into the skin.

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New chair pad offers comfort and protection

Gaymar Industries, Inc., (Orchard Park, NY) introduced the JAIRY Chair pad, a modular, static air, complete support surface for a geriatric chair. Designed for the resident/patient who needs protection against skin breakdown while seated, the JAIRY Chair pad provides pressure management as well as comfort and affordability. The pre-inflated chair pad is non-powered and never requires inflation. Cradled in a high quality foam crib, the pad is constructed of more than 50 individual cells that work together to redistribute weight over the cushions and effectively reduce tissue interface pressure. It is enclosed in a moisture resistant, vapor permeable, non-slip, easy-to-clean cover, and guaranteed for 1 year.

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