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Abdominal therapy system launched

   Kinetic Concepts Incorporated (KCI, Cincinnati, OH) recently introduced the V.A.C.® Abdominal Dressing System, a form of negative pressure wound therapy that can provide clinical and cost effective treatment for chronic and traumatic wounds in hospitals, extended care facilities, and at home.

The new abdominal dressing system is used in conjunction with the V.A.C.® ATS System™ (Advanced Therapy System) for patients with open abdomens resulting from complex abdominal pathologies. Clinical and patient benefits of the dressing system may include assisting in managing the open abdomen, protecting the abdominal contents through its nonadherent layer, and helping to allow for delayed primary closure

   The advanced therapy system™ is designed for the acute care setting and for heavily exudating wounds. It has touch-screen operation for ease of use and an on-screen help guide for users. It also features a larger volume capacity with a 500-cc canister and T.R.A.C.™ technology that provides pressure sensing at the wound site.

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New compression therapy option available

   Smith + Nephew (Largo, Fla.) has introduced ProGuide*, a reduced multilayer, high compression bandaging system that can achieve the right level of compression to effectively and successfully manage venous leg ulcers.

   The system comes in three sizes to accommodate different ankle circumferences and consists of an easy-to-apply, advanced, non-adherent wound contact layer, a super-absorbent padding layer, and a patented, outer compression layer incorporating "Vari-Stretch™" Technology.

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Healthcare personnel have new water-optional handwashing product

    Healthpoint® Ltd. (Fort Worth, Tex.) introduced Triseptin®, the first water-optional healthcare personnel handwash and the first traditional alcohol-based product of its kind to meet the FDA's TFM in vivo testing requirements. The product contains a 61% ethyl alcohol active ingredient with a preservative in an emollient-rich formulation. It allows healthcare personnel the convenience of utilization with water to remove dirt, debris, and proteinaceous material, or waterless to quickly disinfect hands between patient contact.

   The handwash is available in a 2-oz personal size and a 16-oz pump bottle.

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New salve helps prevent radiation side effects

   Jeans Cream (Peabody, Mass.) is a new salve, created by a breast cancer patient, that is designed to help prevent the side effects of radiation therapy, including skin burns, flaking, tearing, and oozing. The cream is formulated with moisturizers including aloe vera gel and contains no alcohol or fragrances, is not greasy, will not stick to clothing, and readily absorbs into the skin.

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New chair pad offers comfort and protection

   Gaymar Industries, Inc., (Orchard Park, NY) introduced the JAIRY Chair pad, a modular, static air, complete support surface for a geriatric chair. Designed for the resident/patient who needs protection against skin breakdown while seated, the JAIRY Chair pad provides pressure management as well as comfort and affordability. The pre-inflated chair pad is non-powered and never requires inflation. Cradled in a high quality foam crib, the pad is constructed of more than 50 individual cells that work together to redistribute weight over the cushions and effectively reduce tissue interface pressure. It is enclosed in a moisture resistant, vapor permeable, non-slip, easy-to-clean cover, and guaranteed for 1 year.

   The chair comes in two styles, standard and deluxe, with two cover options, nylon or Penn Nyla. The standard model supports the ischials and back area, while the deluxe model provides additional support for the legs.

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Wound management gets boost from range of dressings

   With the recent addition of four new Allevyn dressings, Smith + Nephew (Largo, Fla.) now includes 11 dressing choices. Effective exudate management while maintaining a moist, healing wound environment continues to be a hallmark for this group of products, as well as ease of use and long wear time (up to 7 days), helping the nursing profession provide better care in less time.

   Allevyn Thin can be used for wounds with low to moderate and no exudate. Its two-layer construction comprises highly absorbent polyurethane foam and a waterproof outer film, giving this foam dressing a semi-transparent appearance. The self-adhesive product creates a gentle, mild adhesion to reduce pain and trauma on removal.

   Allevyn Plus Adhesive is based on the traditional Allevyn trilaminate technology, comprised of a wound contact layer, a highly absorbent central layer, and a waterproof outer layer that helps prevent bacterial contamination. The "plus" design features a 50% thicker hydrophilic core that can hold high to extra high levels of exudate. A low-allergy adhesive and surfactant are combined in the adhesion layer to provide secure fixation, while keeping the moist wound bed clear for epithelialization and granulation to continue uninterrupted.
Allevyn Plus Cavity, constructed from a polyurethane matrix design with dual sided low-tack natural adhesive, provides high absorbency with convenience in packing, filling, and removing the product from cavity areas.

   Allevyn Compression is a non-adhesive dressing for moderate-to-highly exuding wounds needing compression therapy. It provides the wound management of the product line with the ease of use and comfort of a non-adhesive, polyurethane film contact layer for use on sensitive or delicate surrounding skin.

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"Cut-to-Fit" pouches feature convex design

   Marlen Manufacturing and Development Company (Bedford, Ohio) introduced the new UltraMax™ Convex "Cut-to-Fit" series of pouches, featuring the company's AquaTack™ hydrocolloid barrier, which covers the entire flange on each pouch. This helps adherence to moist skin, absorbing the moisture while sealing securely. Additionally, the barrier removes easily from sensitive skin, reducing the chance for tape burns. The barrier maintains maximum flexibility and comfort while preserving skin protection and leak-free security. The flange features a convex design with a half-inch (12 mm) starter hole adjustable up to 1.5" (38 mm).

   The convex "cut-to-fit" series is available in urostomy, drainable, and closed-end styles, constructed of a quiet, odor-proof material with a built-in comfort cover. The drainable and closed-end pouches are available with either a transparent or opaque backing (the urostomy pouch comes with transparent backing only).

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New wound management improvement business addresses numerous aspects of care

   Smith + Nephew Inc., Wound Management Division (Clearwater, Fla.) announced the formation of Bamboo, a wound management outcomes tracking and improvement business designed to help healthcare providers improve quality and financial performance of their wound care delivery.

   The new enterprise enables healthcare providers to get better results from their wound management programs. By bringing together clinical, business, and information technology expertise, the business will support improved planning, decision-making, and delivery of care. According to the business's general manager, helping clinical staff and management look beyond data collection should allow wound care providers to make a difference in the way they deliver treatment and, ultimately, in the results they get for their patients and facilities.

  The business' premier wound management product, WoundPath, provides data capture and reporting capabilities as part of an integrated program of clinical analysis and quality improvement. Clinical staff can collect and organize information to measure wound progress on both individual and aggregate patient levels to identify trends in healing and financial performance. The system is designed to fit within existing clinical workflows and allow easy data entry by wound care professionals.

   This program is currently available to healthcare providers nationwide. For more information, call (727) 392-1261.

Wound matrix product gets public TV spot

   OASIS, a naturally derived, extracellular matrix used to manage a variety of wounds that is manufactured by Healthpoint® (Fort Worth, Tex.), is featured in news break segments that air this summer on the American Medical Review series on selected public television stations nationwide. The segment was filmed at the Lucerne Wound Healing Center in Orlando, Fla., and features interviews with, among others, Dot Weir, RN, CWOCN, an active AAWC member and officer.

   The wound matrix is used to manage partial- and full-thickness wounds such as pressure, venous, and chronic vascular ulcers, diabetic ulcers, surgical and trauma wounds, second-degree burns, and autograft donor sites. Profiling this wound management option will help patients struggling with chronic and acute wounds to become more educated and involved in their wound care.

Contract for wound products awarded

   Molnlycke Health Care, Inc. (Newtown, Pa.) in collaboration with CERES Strategies, a division of Beverly Enterprises, provider of healthcare services to the elderly in the US, has been awarded a 2-year contract for their Tendra® range of advanced wound management products effective June 1, 2003. The products can be used on numerous wound types, including skin tears, venous leg ulcers, and pressure ulcers.

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Marketing agreement announced for skin substitute

   Organogenesis Inc. (Canton, Mass.) has entered into an agreement with PDI Medical Devices and Diagnostics (Upper Saddle River, NJ) for the marketing and promotion of Apligraf® living, bilayered skin substitute, the company's lead product. The agreement became effective June 18, 2003, when the company's current long-term marketing and distribution arrangement with Novartis Pharma AG terminated.

   As part of this new arrangement, PDI's national wound-care sales and marketing team will market and promote the product, and PDI's current team of wound care nurses will provide after-sales clinical support for practitioner use. Under the terms of the agreement, PDI will receive a fee with the potential to earn incentives based on performance.

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Silver dressing receives technological innovation award

   Medline Industries, Inc. (Mundelein, Ill.), the exclusive distributor of SilvaSorb™ Silver Antimicrobial Dressings in the US, announced that AcryMed, Inc.(the dressing manufacturer) was the recipient of Frost and Sullivan's 2003 Technological Innovation Award in the antimicrobial dressings market. The award specifically recognizes AcryMed's development of its MicroLattice® technology used in the company's line of controlled-release silver wound care products.

   SilvaSorb, the sterile, single-use dressing is intended for moist wound management. It combines MicroLattice with stabilized, sustained release silver technology and is effective up to 7 days. The dressing's synthetic matrix helps maintain an optimal environment for healing by managing the moisture level in the wound; it either donates moisture if required or absorbs up to five times its weight in excess wound exudate. It also controls the release of ionic silver when triggered by contact with moisture.

   As an effective barrier to a broad spectrum of micro-organisms, the dressing may help reduce infection by inhibiting the growth of Staphylococcus aureus, including methicillin-resistant S. aureus (MRSA), Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli, Candida albicans, vancomycin-resistant Enterococci, and other clinically significant micro-organisms.

   The dressing comes in a variety of formats for optimal use in the management of a variety of wound types such as pressure ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, leg ulcers, skin tears, first- and second- degree burns, grafted wounds and donor sites, surgical wounds, and lacerations and abrasions.

   A similar dressing, Arglaes uses controlled-release technology to deliver silver onto the application site, effectively helping reduce infection on postsurgical incision sites, central line sites, pressure ulcers, and minor burns. It is available as both a transparent film dressing and in a powder form to deliver controlled-release antimicrobial silver to any size, shape, or depth of wound.

   The Frost + Sullivan Technological Innovation Award is presented each year to the company that has best demonstrated the ability to successfully develop and introduce new technology, formulating a well-designed product family. The recipient company's technology is expected to make significant product performance contributions to the industry.

Preventive skin care approach considers nursing challenges

   The Wound Management Division of Smith + Nephew (Largo, Fla.) recently introduced the SkinEquity™ philosophy, a preventive skin care approach that embodies the company's Living Vision to improve quality of life through innovation in advanced wound management.

  Facilities adopting the philosophy may help protect the skin and prevent skin breakdown, most commonly seen as pressure ulcers. The new approach combines industry-leading medical education programs with high-quality skin care products to deliver improved outcomes. The goals are improved patient care, motivated caregivers, and a reduction in total healthcare costs. The combination of comprehensive education and high-quality products helps facilities maintain a motivated and consistently trained staff.

   Knowledge, protection, and results are the foundation of the philosophy. Understanding the risks for skin breakdown empowers caregivers to intervene early and take control of care. Protective products that are formulated with gentle, effective ingredients that will not harm fragile skin are essential. The combination of knowledge and protection can lead to results like improved outcomes, shorter hospital stays, lower treatment costs, and less liability risk. Most importantly, the philosophy can help inspire caregivers to deliver the best preventive skin care possible.

   For more information, visit or call (800) 876-1261.

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