Joining Forces to Make a Difference

Dorothy B. Doughty, MN, RN, CWOCN, FAAN

These two events are indicative of the increased awareness and focus on continence issues among professionals and the increasing interest and openness among consumers. Juxtaposed with the increased volume of research on the pathology and management of incontinence, the increasing number of bladder health and continence centers, and the widespread use of media to advertise medications for the treatment of overactive bladder, these events offer reason to believe that continence has finally arrived as a legitimate healthcare issue. This is good news for our patients and all of us as continence clinicians.

I challenge each of you (any myself!) to contribute to the crusade for continence- whether you do something big (start or expand outpatient continence services), something simple (provide evidence-based skin care to patients with incontinence in the acute care setting), or just help debunk the myth that incontinence is inevitable and untreatable. Every contribution matters - and together, we can and are making a difference! - OWM

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