Additional Tables Available from the November AAWC Special

  In the November issue of OWM, representatives of North American Wound Care Council organizations (AAWC, AMCICHAC, CAET, CAWC, NPUAP, and WHS) mined the content validation data and evidence tables used to develop the AAWC "Guideline of Pressure Ulcer Guidelines" to provide OWM readers with objective criteria for identifying needs for pressure ulcer research and/or education.

  >>Read the article here

  Two tables that did not address needs for research or education in pressure ulcer management were omitted from the article, but were accessible to OWM subscribers by logging in and clicking on the article PDF.

  OWM readers are invited to access these tables here: 

Table 5 (Recommendations for pressure ulcer management ready to implement --with A-level evidence and high content validity)


Table 6 (Pressure ulcer recommendations not ready to implement because they have neither content validity nor A-level evidence)


  To view the images in full size, click on the thumbnail and select the "expand" icon in the bottom-right corner.

image description image description

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